Community Rules

The Urban Helper Inc.

Community Rules

Last Update: April 18, 2018

The Urban Helper Inc. (“Urban Helper”) has issued these Community Rules (“Community Rules”). All Users of the Urban Helper Platform are required to ensure compliance with these Community Rules at all times. These Community Rules have been created to provide guidelines to the Users.

The Urban Helper is committed to helping people get work done while creating stronger, more helpful, and better-connected communities. To ensure the best possible experience for both U-Helper and U-Helper Clients we ask all community members to read and follow our: Community Rules (below);  Terms of Service; Background Check Policy; and the Privacy Policy. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning ascribed to them as in the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, the Background Check Policy or any related documents.


Be safe: Use common sense when engaging U-Helpers. If you do not feel safe for any reason during any phase of the hiring and working process, discontinue the process. Background checks are not a guarantee 100% safety. Feel free to take reasonable measures of safety before engaging a U-Helper. Feel free to bring someone with you when meeting a U-Helper or U-Helper Client for the first time.

Be reliable: Only commit to providing work or hiring for work that you can reliably follow through on. U-Helpers and U-Helper Clients should both be on time for any agreed-upon appointments--if either party is running late, this should be communicated as quickly as possible to the other party. Rescheduling by either party should only occur under emergency circumstances. Lateness and repeated rescheduling will lead to lower reviews and, potentially job cancellation.

Communicate clearly: U-Helper Clients are required to be honest and detailed about the job they need done. U-Helpers must be open and honest about their abilities. Ask plenty of questions in chat about the job so that both parties have a record of what is being agreed to. Clearly confirm the date, time, and location for the job. If expenses are agreed to, make sure they are well-defined. If problems arise during the course of a job, communicate clearly so you can both come to an agreement about the way forward 

Be a good community member: Do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, disability or other inappropriate discriminatory factors.

Define the job: When defining a job, both parties have a responsibility to make sure that the scope of the work is clear and that expectations are realistic. U-Helper Clients should provide as much detail as they can when submitting a job to a U-Helper for consideration; U-Helpers should ask questions to clarify the job in order to provide as reliable a proposal as possible. It should be understood that proposals are good-faith *estimates* of time, expenses, and total cost and, unless explicitly stated otherwise by a U-Helper (as in “My haircuts cost $80 regardless of how long the cut takes or the length of my client’s hair”), are subject to change based on the realities of a given job. As soon as it’s clear that a job is going to deviate from a proposal, the changes should be documented and agreed to in Chat and reflected in an updated proposal.  

Keep things Cash Free: The Urban Helper uses Stripe to provide a secure payment process that protects both parties. Use of Stripe for all non-U-Brix payments is required by our Terms of Service; when you use the Urban Helper, you agree to these terms. Using Stripe allows the system to place a hold on the credit card for the estimated payment agreed to in a proposal. If a transaction is taken out of this system, we are unable to assist in payment disputes. Any U-Helper or U-Helper Client suspected of attempting to arrange payment for services outside of the Stripe platform will have their account permanently terminated.