Core Values

The Urban Helper is guided by, and strives to create a community of users that reflects, these values.

Every person on the planet has worth and deserves respect
Each member of our society has something of value to share.

Our neighborhoods are abundant with talented, skillful people
Exchanging skills and knowledge with the people closest to us strengthens relationships and knits neighborhoods closer together.

Strong communities benefit all members
The most important social network is the one on your block

Important work is often not compensated
To truly empower communities, creative solutions must be found to incentivize, facilitate, and support work that is often taken for granted or that carries little monetary value within traditional economies, or to tackle complex social challenges.

Helping helps the helper and the helped
When we help others, we benefit.

A truly sustainable business must have a strong social purpose
Even the most financially powerful among us have realized that business cannot exist in a vacuum. The way business gets done affects not just profit, but also—and more importantly—people and the planet.