Review Policy

The Urban Helper believes that everyone has value and deserves to be treated with respect.

The integrity and worth of this platform depend on all community members, both Urban Helpers (U-Helpers) and Hirers, reflecting our Core Values in honest and transparent reviews.

U-Helpers and Hirers are encouraged to review each other upon completion of a job. There is a five-day window to provide a review. Reviews become available to the public and the parties themselves once both parties have provided a review or after five days, whichever comes first.  All reviews on The Urban Helper are verified reviews, which means that they can only be given by the U-Helper and Hirer of a completed job. .

We reserve the right to remove any review or review response that does not reflect the spirit of The Urban Helper community. For guidance, see Core Values, Content Policy, and Community Rules.

Reviewing a Community Member

  • When writing a review please be straightforward and to the point, use a kind tone, and offer constructive feedback.
  • The reviews you leave, either as a Hirer or a U-Helper, are viewable by the community and can affect—positively or negatively— future opportunities on the platform for both parties.
  • Hirers: Once you approve a U-Helper’s invoice (either U-Brix or $), you will be given the option to leave a review and a rating of 1 to 5 stars.
  • U-Helpers: Once your invoice is approved,you will be given the option to leave a review and a rating of 1 to 5 stars.
  • Reviews are encouraged but not required. If you do not rate or leave a review we will send you one follow up reminder via email.
  • If someone you've worked with asks you to remove a review, please do not respond. Contact us immediately at

Responding to a Review

  • Community members can provide a single response to any review left for them.
  • Responses to reviews are public and viewable by potential Hirers or U-Helpers, so please think carefully about how you respond.
  • Not every review will be entirely positive. If a reviewer has included constructive feedback in a review, take a moment to thoughtfully consider the reviewer's point of view.
    • If you feel that the feedback is valid, consider responding by providing information about how you plan to improve; apologize if appropriate.
    • If you feel that the feedback is unfair, politely state your case in your response.
  • Do not contact a community member to discuss a review you are unhappy with. Either respond to the review using our Core Values to guide you, or, if you feel that the review is a violation of our Community Rules or Terms of Service, flag the review.

Review Moderation: When We Get Involved

  • If you feel that a review or response violates the policies and spirit of The Urban Helper, please flag the review within 48 hours of its posting. The review  will be hidden while it is reviewed by our staff.
  • Never contact a Hirer or U-Helper to discuss a review you are unhappy with.
  • We reserve the right to review and remove any review or review response, flagged or unflagged, that we deem inappropriate or in violation of the spirit or policies of the The Urban Helper.
  • Reviews and responses that are under review for any reason will be hidden during the review process.
  • We will contact both parties to discuss any violations of the Review Policy. The poster may be given the opportunity to alter their post to comply with the policy.
  • The decision to permanently remove or unhide a review or response belongs solely to The Urban Helper. Such decisions are final and may not be contested by community members.